We know some Texas bands love hiding songs on their albums but some go the extra mile & actually include messages hidden in their songs. But to make their even more mysterious, you can hear these messages by playing the songs...BACKWARDS. This is called backmasking.

These famous bands have been known to hide hidden messages in their songs

One of the biggest bands in the world, The Beatles, have hidden messages in their songs. One example can be found in their song, "Rain". During the fade out, you can hear "...the sun shines. Raaain. If the rain comes, they run and hide their heads".

Or how about Pink Floyd in their song "Empty Spaces" found off The Wall? Their message starts with a greeting...'Hello, Looker...",

And of course we can't forget Led Zeppelin supposedly talking about their "sweet Satan" in Stairway to Heaven. Ironic huh? Of course this one is just speculation but it's still talked about when you mention playing songs backwards...

These are just a few examples of backmasking and we've seen a few bands from Texas do this too.

Dallas' Drowning Pool has a hidden message on their debut album

The Dallas rockers has a hidden message that says "Ladies and gentlemen, tell me what you believe" in the final track from their Sinner album, "Sermon". This was confirmed by their drummer Mike Luce in an interview with Rough Edge; the reason why? It was a tribute to the "old school".

Most likely to the way that people would play records backwards to find creepy messages, that usually weren't there. But it IS in this song & you can hear the message with your own ears.

2 of the biggest bands from El Paso, Texas have hidden messages that you can find.

Both At The Drive-In & The Mars Volta have hidden messages you can find on 2 of their songs. On ATDI's 1999 EP, Vaya, you'll find a lengthy message at the 94 second mark on their song "300 MHz". It might be hard to hear but the message reads:

"...your enamel / made no reflection in our mirror / coughing up the coffins / cotton candy coated teeth / these pockets were clinching all filled with teeth / amnesia proletariat / in the unlikely event / that sarcasm is an unfitting dress / amnesia proletariat / amnesia proletariat / amnesia / coughing up the coffins / cotton candy coated teeth / these pockets were clinching / all filled with teeth / sharpened on the f***ing hides of men.."

Here's the backwards part so you can hear it yourself.

Of course Cedric & Omar would have some more fun with backmasking on their 2002 debut EP, Tremulant. In the song "Eunuch Provocateur", you'll find another lengthy hidden message that reads:

"Have mommy or daddy ever had to spank you?", "I'm very fond of this one about an old spider friend of mine", "The itsy bitsy spider climbed up the water spout / down came the rain and washed the spider out / out came the sun and dried up all the rain / and the itsy bitsy spider climbed up the spout again."

It's just as weird sounding going forwards as it is backwards too

Those are just a few example of Texas bands giving us extra surprises. Who knows...there MAY be more out there that we haven't discovered yet...

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