We've all heard of the 5 second rule. Kids, most women and lots of guys put it into practice daily.

Yes, I said "most" women. Why? Because, according to webmd, 70% of you admitted to being familiar with this rule while only 56% of the guys were. I'm assuming familiarity equates to guilt.

It goes like this: You drop a chip, immediately pick it up, say "5 second rule" and then eat it. You've done it, don't lie. Don't feel bad either, 65% of the population does this. Whether "5 second rule" is actually said or not.

We all do it but, the truth of the matter is, the supposed "safety" of the food only being on the floor a short time is sketchy. It's 50/50 at best as there are many factors to consider here. Type of food, type of floor and location being the 3 main ones.

What Food Grabs The Most Ickyness?

The moister the food, the more nasties it will soak up. Watermelon or a nice, juicy piece of steak will grab more germs than a plain, dry potato chip.

Does The Type Of Floor Matter?

Believe it or not, less crap will come from a carpet drop than a tile drop. The jury is hung on wood floors because there are so many different types.

Location Is The Most Obvious Factor.

Your nice, clean home floor is a MUCH safer bet than the gas stations' restroom floor. Even experts in the food and health industry can't really call this good or bad.

So back to the 5-second rule and the main question: Should you eat that dropped doughnut or consider it a sacrifice to the god of clumsiness? Researchers come down on both sides of the debate. - health.clevelandclinic.org


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