A recent list of the most affordable towns in New Mexico to retire in just came out and 2 of the top 6 picks are near El Paso. One is practically in El Paso.

World Atlas compiled the list of New Mexico towns perfect for retiring and their picks are scattered all over the land of enchantment.

Los Lunas, Roswell, Grants and Farmington all made the list along with two others that are super close to El Paso. Giving a comfy, small town vibe but with easy, big city access.

Silver City is about a 2 hour drive from El Paso via I-10 and just a bit longer if you take the scenic route through Hillsboro. (Which is haunted AF.)

To go that way, take I-10 to Las Cruces, then switch to I-25. As you get close to Elephant Butte, watch for the Hillsboro exit. (#63) Then, follow NM-152 S to Hillsboro and on to Silver City. (Map)

The tiny bit of extra time is well worth it as the route takes you through the Gila National Forest ... miles and miles of beautiful forest, stunning views and a ton of curves that make doing it on a motorcycle even more fun.

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(Old) Mesilla is just minutes from El Paso's west side and those farthest away, on the far east side of El Paso, can be there in just under an hour depending on what route they take.

The quickest way to get there from El Chuco is via I-10 west. The BEST way to get there is via highway 28 which runs close to the Rio Grande in spots and takes you through a huge pecan orchard before the town suddenly appears before you.

Again, bonus beauty points if you run 28 on a motorcycle.

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