When people think of Ivy League schools, turns out that 2 in particular from Texas are now part of the conversation. Of course schools like Yale, Princeton or Cornell are the classic examples of Ivy League schools but not anymore according to Forbes. Now there are 2 prestigious schools from the Lone Star State that are joining the big leagues.

What ARE Ivy League schools?

If you're not sure what the definition of an Ivy League school, they are the schools that are considered to be amongst the best of the best in terms of academics & athletics.  They also include some of the oldest schools in America but the definition has changed a bit as of 2024. Now schools are measured by high SAT test scores & how high the admission acceptance rates are. That being said...

So which Texas schools are in the NEW Ivy League of schools?

2 new schools are in the Ivy League of schools for both public & private elites. For public schools, The University of Texas at Austin joins the ranks. Their students scored an average 1370 on the SAT and a 30 for the ACT and a 31% acceptance rate for their population of 40,000 students.

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For the private side, Rice University in Houston is the other addition. Their students had higher scores for the SAT & ACT tests, scoring an average 1540 on the SATs and 35 on the ACTs.

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Considering that there are 2 schools from Texas the joined the Ivy League schools list, I'm sure there will be more other schools across the state that will want to prove that they deserve to be there too like Texas Tech, Texas A&M or Baylor...

But we shall see what happens in the future.

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