Several new stores are open in El Paso that rival or even beat the prices at mega stores like Walmart and Target as well as online retailers like Amazon.

El Paso has had "bin" stores for a while now and 2 more were just opened about a week ago ... Monster Lots in the lower valley and El Premo FunXfind in Socorro.

Along with 2 El Remate Discount stores and 3 Black Fridays Daily Discount Stores, there are now 7 "bin" stores in east and west El Paso as well as the 2 mentioned above.

"Bin" stores offer all kinds of merchandise, all new, with pretty much everything you would find in any given department store. Big outlets, Walmart, Target and Amazon for example, don't restock returned items. They farm 'em out to these places who sell them off cheap.

How Much Do Things Cost At Bin Stores?

For most bin stores, the price depends on the day.

For instance, El Premo FunXfind puts out newly stocked merchandise on Fridays.

All items cost $12 on Fridays. On Saturdays, the price goes down to $10; Sundays are $8; Mondays are $5; Tuesdays are $3; Wednesdays are $1; and Thursdays are 50 cents. - elpasotimes

Where Are The Bin Stores In El Paso?

There are 7 bin stores located around town:

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