We know El Paso, Texas has truly amazing venues like the Don Haskins Center, the Abraham Chavez Theater, the Plaza Theater, the Sun Bowl, and many more. But with the announcement that there are plans for a NEW amphitheater in the Northeast that's supposed to hold over 12,000 fans...this gives us a great idea: Who should play this new amphitheater?? Well...that's what we wanted to know & you gave us some GREAT ideas.

Here are some bands that El Paso wants to see return & play the new amphitheater

Starting off with one that, I personally think, would be a great choice is the mighty...METALLICA! Yeah I know there were some people that didn't know exactly agree with that one, but come on...it's frickin' Metallica! Who wouldn't want to see them back in El Paso? I'd also be ok with them playing the Sun Bowl too by the way...

Another choice was Foo Fighters. If you there at their 2023 show, you KNOW they said they'd love to return. So...why not come back to El Paso to welcome this brand new venue? I'm just sayin'...

The Deftones was a popular choice, one that Veronica Gonzales I'm SURE would agree with. They've played El Paso before all the way since the days of the old Club 101 so they absolutely have my vote.

Other names thrown out when we asked were Nine Inch Nails, Paul McCartney, U2, Disturbed, Queens of the Stone Age, even bands like Limp Bizkit & Falling In Reverse was mentioned to play the new amphitheater. All of which are bands that HAVE played massive shows before in El Paso.

And of course...some of the best bands to ever represent El Paso; At The Drive-In, The Mars Volta, Sparta. I personally think all of these would be fantastic choices to see in on that stage.

And of course El Paso REALLY wants these first timers to make an appearance at the upcoming amphitheater

The other major choice we got were for bands that had never played here before & it makes total sense. New venue? Why not bands that have never PLAYED El Paso before & have THEM break the ice for the amphitheater. The most popular choices were Pearl Jam,

Red Hot Chili Peppers (Joanna would CERTAINLY agree with this one),

Rage Against the Machine (someone even commented saying that "they owe us a show!")

and even My Chemical Romance. Hey Gerard Way already has BEEN to Sonic Ranch, let's finally have his band here right??

Of course there were OTHER names that were mentioned so if you want to leave your opinions, you can definitely let us know on the original Facebook post.

My vote however is...yes. I'd be fine with ALL of these bands playing El Paso in the upcoming years; let's see if it'll happen...

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