This Arizona museum is, literally and figuratively, the shizzle. It's not only all about it, (and full of it), the displays are old as s*** too.

The name of this Arizona museum pretty much says it all ... the Poozeum is a museum dedicated entirely to "poo". Really, really old, (and sometimes as big as s***) poo from a zillion years ago.

We're talking dinosaur doody here, somehow perfectly preserved for our entertainment and educational needs. Really, no s***.

Williams really didn't have crap going on until recently. Wild West shows, tourist traps and a train to the Grand Canyon was about it. Now, they have a lot of s***.  It's really kind of hard to take The Poozeum seriously, especially when the logo is a T - Rex, parked on a toilet, holding toilet paper. It's a legit museum though where you can learn s*** about poo poo.

"Everyone poops", according to the book, including dinosaurs. Since they didn't have proper sewage, their deuces dropped wherever and stayed there until they fossilized.  Poozeum Prez George Frandsen makes a living out of finding fossilized feces, polishing turds, (if you will), and displaying them to people who apparently don't have s*** to do.

What Can We Learn From Dino Dookey?

For one thing, T - Rexes weren't big on chewing. They just ripped stuff apart and swallowed it. Those massive teeth were great for tearing and ripping but not all that with regard to "nibbling".

These "perma poops", aka coprolite, really can teach us a lot about dinosaur diets, digestion and other things. They can also get you into the Guinness Book Of World Records. Poozeum Prez Frandsen is in Guinness for having the world's largest collection of s***.

A piece of his ... "collection" ... (thought I was going to type s*** again, didn't 'ya?), also made the books. Believed to be a T. Rex production, "Barnum", (yes, they named it), measures over 2 feet long and over 6 inches wide. That's some serious s***.

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