Free Fishing Day is tomorrow (Saturday, June 3), which means you don't need a license to bait a hook at your nearest public body of water. But what can you do if you miss out on this angler's holiday?

Fishing Hits Different in Texas

Fishing in a state such a Texas has to be an experienced to be believed, right? It's been a while since I've actually caught a fish. I went fishing when I was younger a few times, and I think I only caught one.

So while my creditability as a fisherman is in question, it helps that a day like Free Fishing Day happens in the Lone Star State. It falls on the first Saturday in June each year, when anglers have to the opportunity to cast lines in any public waters, according to Texas Parks & Wildlife. 

But what if you miss the day to take advantage of free fishing? How does one fish in Texas after free fishing day? Well, there is a way.

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Fishing In Texas For Free After The Holiday

First things first. Yes, you will need a license any other day of the year to partake in fishing most places here in the Lone Star State. More information about this can be here. But sometimes, you just want to fish without the need for paperwork.

If you wondering if you can do so, the answer is yes! To fish in Texas for free, all you have to do it go to the nearest state park. Fishing within the borders of a Texas state park is free of charge, and all you need know is located here.

Basically, you still have to pay the fee to get into the park, and fishing regulations (size limits, etc) still apply, but you don't need a license, and you don't even need a salt water stamp if you're at a coastal park.

Here's What NOT To Do

On Free Fishing Day, you can go fishing on any public body of water in Texas without a license. (Unless there's a NO FISHING sign clearly displayed.

What you CAN'T do is fish on someone's private property without their permission. That's true all year 'round, so don't forget it. If someone catches you fishing on their property, they'll call the cops (if you're lucky).

Keep in mind that no matter when or where you fish, you need to be aware of our state's fishing regulations, and be a good steward of the land. That last part's fancy talk for don't litter, and leave the place where you fish looking better than when you found it.

There are also rules about fishing from your boat or other watercraft, so be sure to read up on those here.

Where to Fish in Texas

So who's up for a trip to state park to catch that big one we've dreamt of? Well, thankfully there's a list to find the perfect park! See you out on the water.

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