A man on Reddit canceled all his wife's streaming subscriptions after she purchased them without his approval.

The man claimed his wife used his credit card without his permission to subscribe to more than 15 streaming and TV services, which he discovered while checking his bank account.

"I don’t know if she’s trying to play some sort of Pokémon 'gotta-catch-'em-all' but for TV subscriptions, but my wife subscribed to over 15 TV services that cost monthly bills without even letting me know beforehand," he wrote via Reddit.

When he confronted his wife about the subscriptions, she told him it was "nice to have more variety."

The man noted that his wife doesn't work and also doesn't do housework as they have a housekeeper. The couple has no children and all their money is kept in his "singular ... not joint" bank account.

"I was really upset that she decided to go behind my back and purchase all these things, so I canceled the subscriptions and told her she can watch free stuff instead, and learn to ask me next time before spending my money. She threw a tantrum and called me a jerk," he continued.

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The man's Reddit post was met with mixed reactions in the comments section.

"Sounds like you guys are not going to be able to make your marriage work and should divorce, but if divorce is impossible, I guess trying to stay out of each other's way is the best that you can do. I wouldn't pay for 15 subscriptions either," one person commented.

"She doesn't work, look after children or do housework. Does she just watch TV all day? How bloody boring. I personally could not do that," another wrote.

"Y’all could have compromised. I agree 15 is excessive but you could have agreed on 5 or so services instead. What you did was petty and calling it 'my money' is weird considering she’s your wife," someone else shared.

"She has to live with the predictable soul crushing prison of patriarchy, maybe allowing her 4 subscriptions would be an acceptable compromise," another user commented.

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