A woman is suspicious that her sister and husband are having an affair.

"So husband and I both have been together over 10 years and have three kids. My sister and I have a decent relationship. We aren’t super close but we get along okay. Recently over the past two years my sister went through a horrible divorce, she found out her husband was having an affair with one of their mutual friends for months," the woman began on Reddit.

"Ever since the divorce, she’s been coming around here and there, and I’ve noticed that sometimes when she talks she tends to look at my husband more (I may be overthinking things on my end). Once she made me and my husband drinks and for some reason she only asked him if he likes his drink but didn’t ask me, even though I was right next to him. That kind of rubbed me the wrong way," she continued.

"The last thing that kind of made me suspicious ... is I’ve noticed my husband being on Instagram a lot more as of late, and a few weeks ago I went into his messages, I clicked on the part to send out a message, and my sister was the first one to pop up as the person to message. I even continued to check over the next few days, and she kept being the first name, with my name right under hers," the suspicious woman recalled.

When she confronted her husband, he insisted there was nothing going on between him and his sister-in-law, and claimed the Instagram situation was "pure coincidence." He then promptly blocked the sister.

Admitting that she tends to "overthink things," however, the woman can't help but think her sister and husband are "being shady."

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Readers in the comments section tried to ease the woman's mind.

"Nothing seems like a smoking gun based on the information provided but something weird is going on. I'd straight up ask him why he's talking to your sister so much and that it's making you uncomfortable," one person wrote.

"I agree that if nothing is going on then the husband can alter his behavior. The fact he was quick to block her is a decent sign. Unless he did it in an effort to throw her off the scent. As long as he isn’t spending time alone with her. My issue is the sister. She is passively flirting with her husband and that is disrespectful," another commented.

"I think you are [overreacting]. All of these things seem pretty innocuous and could have perfectly innocent explanations. Keep your feelers out, but try not to let insecurity get the best of you. That's an easy way to torpedo a relationship, especially if you're incorrect," someone else advised.

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