A college student learned a "lesson in paying attention" to their finances the hard way.

"After having just finished my freshman year of college, I came back to my parents' house for the summer. My mom made it a habit on Monday/Tuesday to make sure she got the mail before I had a chance, even running from the kitchen Tuesday to make sure I didn't get it as I was expecting an Amazon order," they began on Reddit.

Recently, however, a letter from a collection agency came in the mail addressed to them.

"I only knew it was a collection agency once I opened it and discovered I supposedly owed nearly $5,000 on a Capital One card I had no idea I was ever signed up for. Once I got done freaking out, I called my dad at work and asked him what to do. It was weird when he said to talk to my mother about it. He didn't seem happy at all but I didn't think much of it," the student continued.

They immediately confronted their mom, who admitted they "opened up a few credit cards" in their name "for household expenses."

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"She said she thinks I owe around $10,000 to three different credit card companies. I checked my credit and it turns out I owe over $15,000. We ended up having a huge argument about it with my mom saying her parents did this to her when she was 18. She said that I could file for bankruptcy and that it wouldn't hurt me because I wouldn't be trying to buy a house for several years," the student explained.

However, the teen, who plans to pursue a "government-related job," is worried that a bankruptcy would "disqualify" them.

"She knows this but it doesn't seem like she cares. My dad got home a couple of hours ago and they talked to me together. Either I can declare bankruptcy once they spend up to the credit limit of the last card with any credit on it, or they said I could move out at the end of the month," they continued.

The student concluded that they are shocked by their parents' "incredibly unfair" actions.

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Users sounded off in the comments, with several insisting the student contact the authorities.

"That's identity theft. It's a felony. The ball is in your court. You could easily have them arrested and you can lien their property," one person wrote.

"Sounds like you need to make a criminal report for identity theft. Tell your banks, freeze your credit, make those reports," another commented.

"You have to file a police report. You must put your foot down. This generational trauma is not okay! Just because your grandparents did it to your mom does not mean she should have done it to you! Sounds like they’ve been banking on your 18th birthday. I’m so sorry, but you really should do the right thing and report them," someone else shared.

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