You Won’t Believe What Happened During a Texas Traffic Jam: Live Wrestling Show!

Wrestling is big in Texas. The hit movie The Iron Claw centers around the Von Erich family who mainly wrestled in Dallas at the world-famous Sportatorium.

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A couple of hundred miles south of the spot where the now demolished Sportatorium used to stand, right off of Interstate 35 is Killeen, Texas, where the spectacular video at the bottom of this article takes place.

RKO Out of Knowhere

As commuters whizzed by in their cars, these rascals put on a show. With the camera rolling, one man grabbed another out of a parked Uhual and gave him a maneuver called an RKO Out of Knowhere, made famous by the WWE's Randy Orton.  






Look, I know this is a performance, but they are landing on concrete!  

High Flyer

After a few more dazzling moves, one of these fools gets up on top of the Uhaul and leaps off onto the other two below. Look at how high he is off of the ground!



And the Winner is...

After a few more sick moves, the guy in the black shirt and red shoes throws the other two rascals into the back of the truck, shuts the door, and drives away as the traffic starts backing up behind them. I'm assuming that was the stipulation for winning, much like an ambulance match in the WWE.


Good job fellas!

Check out the video below:

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