Do you ever feel like a total waste of space because you're 34 years old and sometimes you STILL need to call your folks for a couple of extra dollars?

Don't sweat it, guys. A recent survey by USA Today found that 73% of Texas parents are still giving a lot of financial assistance to their adult children between the ages of 22 and 40.

You aren't the only broke-ass out there. We're all struggling, and mom and pop are footing a lot of our bills...

On average, Texas parents are forking over a whopping $671 on their adult children every month just to help them make ends meet. The most common type of support they are giving happens to be a cellphone plan, but they are also helping us with groceries, rent, clothes, and other odds and ends.

Another interesting portion of the survey found that in Texas, parents believe their children should be finanically independent by the age of 24. That clearly isn't happening. I'm trying to remember back to what I was making when I was 24, and all I can really recall is not making it. Every single month was a struggle and calling my folks for help was always embarrassing.

Fast foward 10 years, and I'm still doing it every once in a while...


Be sure to give your parents a big thanks for all they do, and share this article with them to prove that you aren't the only broke young adult out there. Maybe they'll take pity on you and ask you to go out to lunch on their dime...

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