Surveillance video footage from a restaurant in Harris County showed Othello Larenzo Holmes allegedly putting his genitals on open food items, according to a story published by KCBD over the weekend.

The restaurant, which remains unnamed, was immediately shut down, and Holmes was fired. They also went the extra mile and went ahead and threw away EVERYTHING in the kitchen. They have reportedly not served another customer since the unfortunate event.

Holmes revealed to investigators that he "has these urges frequently and has a history of sexual offenses."

Because of the nature of the accusations, investigators took a closer look at his digital history, which revealed over 100 images of child pornography, along with 5 videos. They also discovered conversations between the accused and another person who went by the username "Princess" in which Holmes said, "Super pervy yesterday. Wish I had access to kids." to which Princess responded, "I wish you did too." followed by a crying face emoji.

Authorities also believe that this wasn't his first gross restaurant interaction. He may have placed his genitals on food in other restaurants where he was previously employed.

Here's hoping you haven't gone out to dinner in Harris County lately...

As a former kitchen manager, I'm grossed out but not completely surprised. I walked in on a guy watching pornography on our office computer in the dry storage area during the middle of a busy lunch rush. I was floored. The cops were immediately involved.

If you ever catch anything like this in your restaurant, please don't just fire them and call it a day. Contact the authorities. You never know if you've got some kind of predator on your hands.

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