In Texas, there are numerous very old churches and, of course, tons of new, modern ones. I have to admit, I think that a majority of the time older churches are much more beautiful than most today.

To me, they had so much more character and had/have a look that invited you in. Not that churches aren't inviting today, but the architecture simply just isn't as elaborate and unique.

With over 35,000 churches in Texas, there is no doubt that there are some beautiful ones and some really old ones. In fact, the oldest church in Texas was built before 1750.

What is Texas' oldest church?

The oldest church in the Lone Star State is located in San Antonio. It has faced many tests of time and is not only the oldest church in Texas but one of the oldest in America.

Its name is San Fernando Cathedral. 

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Since its beginning, the Catholic church has undergone some renovations, according to Only in Your State, but its original walls are still standing strong. The architectural style is Gothic Revival -- features such as pointed arches, steeply pitched roofs, and front-facing gables with delicate wooden trim.

Despite its age of over 280 and its history, the San Fernando Cathedral is still in use today with over 5,000 people attending mass each week.

Aside from the church's congregation, visitors also flock to the building. There, they can marvel at the cathedral's beauty, its history, its tomb, and see a pretty cool light show the church puts on regularly.

San Fernando Cathedral & the Alamo

One interesting aspect of the church's history is its tie to the battle of the Alamo in 1836.

General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna ordered the blood-red flag of no quarter to be raised from the cathedral's tower. This signaled to the men fighting in the Alamo that they wouldn't be spared.

How old is the church compared to others in America?

The oldest church in America is the Cathedral of San Juan Bautista in San Juan, Purto Rico. It was built in 1521, making it quite a bit older than the San Fernando Cathedral. Take a look at the 10 oldest churches in America here. 

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