Look out Dallas, TX, it would appear that the best french fries in The Lone Star State are found in our capital, Austin, TX. Granted this is very subjective.

Growing up, McDonald's fries were the best. Y'all remember, right? Back when they could kill you if you ate too many in one sitting. Those were the days. But now that McDonald's and so many other places have become health conscience (which is probably a good thing overall), fries just aren't as delicious any longer.

"Our selections are based on genuine user reviews, awards and accolades, and the first-hand experience of our team. They're also regularly checked and updated." - LoveFood.com

Save, maybe one Austin, TX food joint.

The impartial folks at LoveFood.com, took it upon themselves to visit "restaurants where [fries] are tossed in secret seasonings, to hole-in-the-wall eateries people travel across the country to visit (tough job, amirite?)," and when they were through they released their list of the best french fries in each state.

If you've been to Hyde Park Bar & Grill, you know how great the place is. Well, now more accolades for the popular Austin grill. They've been crowned the best french fries in Texas.

In a state as large as Texas, there are a lot of contenders for the title of best French fries. However, what edges Hyde Park Bar & Grill to the front is its incredible cooking process. The fries are first covered in a buttermilk batter, then fried until they are crisp and perfectly golden brown. They're then tossed in a secret house spice mix, before being served alongside the restaurant’s signature Hyde Park sauce.

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Next time you're in Austin, be sure to check 'em out.

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