A man in his 30's should not own super hero t-shirts, or so I've been told.  If there's ever a day where being an overgrown child is accepted, today is that day.

Not only is it acceptable to tell people "May the 4th be with you" today, it is also the first Saturday in May which means it is Free Comic Book Day.  I decided to stop by a nearby comic book shop today and was pleased to see they went all out with door prizes, people in costumes, toys and of course free comics.  I even ran into one of our interns (who will remain nameless).

You may still have time to put on your favorite childish t-shirt (if it fits) and partake in the festivities.  You'll have a great time and will more than likely be visiting a locally owned and operated business.  If you feel funny buying a comic book, just tell yourself and others that you're purchasing a "graphic novel."  It sounds more sophisticated and it always helps me feel better when I say it :-)