El Paso has recently seen some rainy days and I just feel so emotionally drained from it. I just want to listen to sad songs and curl up in a ball. I live in the 'Sun City' for a reason. It is to stay away from gloomy, rainy days. When people tell me I am crazy to not enjoy the rain and I tell them to shut up.

I do enjoy the rain. I love watching it come down and destroy El Paso roads, plus the smell is amazing.

Most of the time, I just can't help but want to just be all emo when it rains. Luckily, I have science to blame.

According to Bustle.com, gloomy, raining days can affect your happiness due to the darkness. When the sunlight hits us, we get all this serotonin flowing through our brains and it makes happy brain juice. Our juice gets drained when we don't receive serotonin which can come from constant raining days, or in El Paso's case, one.

I also learned humidity can totally bring you down, man. Bustle's research found that humidity can cause our bodies to work harder to cool down and that also contributes to draining our happy juice. This gloominess needs to go away and we need that sun to come back into our sweet, Sun City!