DID RIHANNA KISS CHRIS BROWN AT THE 2012 MTV MUSIC AWARDS???!!!: The World Wide Web of Celebrity Oh-No-She-Didn't is falling all over themselves this morning after someone Tweeted out a screen-grab of RIHANNA and CHRIS BROWN seemingly smooching at the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards!!!

While the gossip world wonders if it was a romantic kiss or just a greeting, we took a look at the ENTIRE meeting, not just an out-of-context-image, and determined the camera angle was misleading. All Chris and RiRi did was hug it out.

SNAPSHOT: RIHANNA showed up to the "MTV Video Music Awards" yesterday with a new, super-short hairdo. Yes or No?

KRIS JENNER NOT A 'HONEY BOO BOO' FAN; THINKS MOTHER IS EXPLOITING DAUGHTER: Unlike the rest of America, KRIS JENNER is no fan of the newest reality TV sensation, "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo". A source tell Radaronline she, quote, "thinks the [family is] classless...and can't understand why America is so fascinated by them. Yes, somewhere there's a pot calling a kettle black!

Adds the source, "Kris especially has a strong dislike for June, claiming the beauty pageant world is vile and that June is a bad mom for 'exploiting' [Honey Boo Boo] in that way. She think it's all a ploy to make money and says she sees through it and thinks it is absolutely disgusting."

But is Kris really worried about that little redneck child, or does Kris have an ulterior motive? Well, according to the source, "The show has become bigger than 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians', and Kris is starting to feel threatened by its success."

WAS BEYONCE MAD AT KIM KARDASHIAN BECAUSE SHE WAS TRYING TO STEAL THE LIMELIGHT FROM JAY-Z???: Okay, remember the could be crap, could be true rumor that was making the rounds earlier this week about how BEYONCÉ reportedly ignored KIM KARDASHIAN lat JAY-Z'S Made in America music festival in Philadelphia?

Well, who knows how true this story is as well, but it's making the rounds, so I feel it’s my duty to perpetuate the rumor. Word is Bey was pissed at Kim because RON HOWARD was there making a documentary on Jay and Kim kept trying to steal Ron's attention. According to the Hollywood Life gossip site, "Kim was desperate for attention in the VIP area and was getting in the way of cameras that were supposed to be filming Jay-Z.

"She kept saying she was a huge fan of Ron's and would do anything to be cast in one of his films." When Beyoncé saw what Kim was doing, she was soooo not down with it. The source Beyonce put her on blast hard. Quote, "She took Kim to one side and told her that the day wasn’t about her, it was about Jay-Z, his work in organizing the event and there were other celebrities and musicians there that needed coverage too."

But before Kim could go all-Armenian on her, Jay-Z stepped in to play peacemaker. The source says Jay told Bey she needed to “play nice with Kim because he is pals with Kanye."

BRITNEY SPEARS *DID* ALMOST QUITE 'X-FACTOR'ON HER FIRST DAY: From the moment BRITNEY SPEARS began filming the "X Factor" auditions, there was a ton of stories about how she "stormed off the set," and was having "panic attacks," and just generally not holding up well.

When questioned, SIMON COWELL always denied it. The story everyone on 'X Factor' stuck with was that Brit was just taking a break, going to the restroom, or something like that. But now, Simon's admitting Britney DID almost quit. Here's what he told TMZ: "No one is going to admit that on the first day, your highest paid star, after 20 minutes, has walked off set, [but Britney] had a moment on the first day where she said to me 'I'm not sure I can do this.'"

Of course, Simon to the rescue! He takes credit for talking her into sticking with it, and now he says she loves it.

CHRIS DAUGHTERY SHOWS US HIS PICS: CHRIS DAUGHTRY -- you do remember him, right? Anyway,the rocker and former 'American Idol' contestant recently started working out again,and Tweeted out this shirtless photo of himself. Dude has got some serious abs, no? Mommy likes!


ROMANCE REPORT - MILA MOVES IN: Neither ASHTON KUTCHER nor MILA KUNIS have confirmed they’re anything more than "very good friends." Well, his ‘very good friend’ has more or less moved. According to RumorFix, "Mila hasn’t spent a night at her home in months. She is with Ashton 24/7 practically. She definitely always spends the night at his house and is seen most of the time leaving his house with him on the following days. They are totally a couple and seem to be really in love."

JENNIFER HUDSON SHOWS US HER PICS: JENNIFER HUDSON Twitted out some sexy pics meant for her fiancé, WWE superstar DAVID OTUNGA. We all benefit, though.

SPLITSVILLE - POPULATION 'PARKS AND RECREATION' STAR AMY POEHLER: After nine years of marriage, AMY POEHLER and WILL ARNETT have separated. Although no reason has been given for the split, a source says, quote, "It's very amicable." Why is it so much sadder when funny people break up?