So I'm at the 70's Party this past friday and as I'm walking around I run into a long lost friend of mine.  After we took a few moments to admire each other's afros, I finally got around to asking what she's been up to.  Turns out she's started her own business.  We exchanged e-mail addresses and Yvette Bustamante was nice enough to answer a few questions for me....

Tell me a little bit about Bottoms Up Promotions.

We are a promotions company that specializes in executing tastings for beer, wine and liquor products. We provide a committed team of talented individuals to represent our client’s brands in a memorable and elite fashion. Our goals are to ultimately provide visibility for the products we are representing, educate consumers on brand knowledge and increase "top of mind" recognition for the brands in our market while ultimately increasing sales.

How long have you guys been around?

We ran our first tasting in February 2011. Looking forward to many more years and growth.

How are you looking to grow?  Any events coming up soon?

We'd like to start expanding throughout the state and eventually, when the time is right, out of state. In the near future, we plan on expanding our services to include non-alcohol related promotions such as mobile marketing tours, special events, guerilla marketing, and experiential marketing.

Keep an eye out for weekly updates on our fan page:

How can people contact you?

What is your best asset to El Paso consumers?

Bottoms Up Promotions provides insight and education to consumers who may be looking to try a new liquor but don't want to invest in a whole bottle without trying it first. There are so many products on the market, and sampling is a great way to taste new products and allow the consumer to form their own opinions and preferences at no cost. By teaming up with local businesses like Western Beverages, we can show El Pasoan’s that great customer service and knowledgeable staff make all the difference.