Back in 1958 El Pasoans got their first taste of the H&H Coffee Shop. The iconic establishment at 701 E. Yandell was started by Najib Haddad to have an ice-cream shop at the car wash. For a while H&H Coffee Shop and Car Wash sold ice-cream sundaes, burgers and tacos but the restaurant business is tough and Najib turned to leasing the space for a long time. Then in 1985 Najib's son Kenneth decided to turn H&H into the legendary El Paso establishment it is now. Kenneth said it was sad to see the location sitting empty and he had a vision in his mind about what he wanted it to be but he never envisioned how famous and beloved the little location on Yandell would eventually become.

Over the years H&H Car Wash and Cafe wasn't just a staple for generations of El Pasoans, it gained fame all over the state and beyond. Texas Monthly even hailed it as a "Bucket List" place to visit in Texas before you die. In the days before social media you could often find all kinds of El Paso movers and shakers at the iconic counter while the señoras in their aprons turned out some of the best enchiladas and tacos in the city.

Patricia Martinez

Sadly, the current owner, Maynard Haddad, suddenly announced Wednesday that Thursday, July 22 would be the end of the line for H&H. the car wash closed a while ago but the restaurant was still going strong. However, Haddad is in his 80s and says he wants to slow down and spend some time with his family.

We want to thank Maynard Haddad and everyone at H&H Car Wash and Cafe for the decades of good times and amazing food. El Paso is losing not just a restaurant but a way of life for so many people. There will never be another H&H and it's a shame. Thanks for everything, Maynard.

El Pasoans weighed in on social media about the sad news:

1. This tweeter was sad to see an El Chuco icon go:

2. A bucket list unfulfilled:

3. A nationally known writer who helped tell the story of Glory Road honors H&H:


4. Cody Decker, fan favorite from the first few seasons of the El Paso Chihuahuas, weighs in:

Patricia Martinez

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