This week the El Paso Zoo is taking huge steps to help save orangutans and other wildlife. The zoo is launching a smart phone application which will help consumers decipher products and groceries containing  Palm Oil. This oil is killing orangutans, elephants and other species by destroying their tropical rainforest habitat. Environments are being destroyed by expanding  Palm Oil plantations, this is the largest cause of deforestation in India and other countries along the equator. The worlds consumption of this oil will double  in 10 years, this is because about 50 percent of products we use contain this. Products include cosmetics,detergent, and food products. Palm oil has the highest yield of any other oil plant, and it's the cheapest to refine and produce.

The Free Palm Oil Guide and Scanner app is sponsored by the El Paso Zoological Society. This innovative app is currently available on the app store, android market will soon have their version of the application. This app is simple and easy to use.Your smart phone will work as a scanner and aid consumers in scanning barcodes while in the grocery store. You will be able to examine and verify the amount of Palm oil in products you frequently purchase.Then you will be faced with the decision to purchase the product or find something comparable . Remember the future of our ecosystem depends on it.

courtesy of El Paso Zoo