This has to be one of the dirtiest crimes ever committed. Or is it the cleanest?

El Paso Police say a man walked into the Dollar General at 5421 Montana on June 12, grabbed 16 large bottles of body wash, and ran out of the store.

I can't imagine what he was going to do with all that body wash. Give it to his sanchas? He has a lot of kids who really need a bath? He's going to barter them with someone who takes 10 showers a day?

The guy hit the manager of the store with his car door when he ran after him. The manager was hurt, but will be okay. The Body Wash Bandit (my name for him - EPPD needs to give me credit if they use it!) got away in a four door sedan similar to a Honda or Hyundai. He is a Hispanic man, mid-30's, approximately 5'7", thin build, about 150lbs, and by now, probably smells pretty good.

If you know anything about the Body Wash Bandit, please call Crime Stoppers of El Paso at 566-8477(TIPS).

In the meantime, I have $20. That should cover the store's losses.