Help save a life by donating to this year's El Paso Humane Society's annual Save-A-Life Telethon!

El Paso Humane Society Website
El Paso Humane Society Website

The El Paso Humane Society's Save-A-Life Telethon is the largest event held by the organization every year where they gather donations for their life saving operation. The telethon is on KVIA Channel 7 and will be held from 4 P.M. to 11 P.M. this Saturday, August 2nd. Last year, the event was able to gather $118,000 in donations and this year they are setting their goal of gathering $130,000 in donations. During the telethon, every $50 donation makes you eligible for prizes that are held during that time.

The Humane Society takes in thousands of animals every year (about 3500) and they try to find all of those animals loving, forever homes. This telethon helps provide them the vital funds needed so this non-profit can continue their work. People sometimes ask where exactly does their go and what does the money do? Well, the Humane Society offers El Pasoans education regarding pet ownership, the only pet crematorium in the city, and low cost euthanasia. They shelter also offers quality care to these animals that are still looking for their forever home.

If you would like to donate now to the telethon you may do so at the Humane Society Telethon website. You can make donations as little as $10 or create your own amount. Please consider donating to this wonderful organization, that operates without national organization funding. They are also not financially assisted by any municipal, county, state or federal governmental agencies. Donate now and help save animal's lives. Don't forget to watch the Save-A-Life Telethon this Saturday, August 2nd on KVIA Channel 7.