President Donald Trump is set to give his first State of the Union speech Tuesday night, but his speech is being overshadowed by an odd fundraising move. For as little as thirty-five dollars, you can have your name flashed on the screen during the State of the Union speech. The money will go toward Trump's re-election campaign, at least, I think that's what it's going for. The money is being collected on his official website, but there is no word on what the money will be used for.

I don't know if selling time on the State of the Union address is legal or not, but it sure is the type of completely classless and crass move that we've come to expect from Trump. Despite what he says, the presidency has never been about one man. It is about one man serving the entire country. He is not empowering people by flashing their names on tv during his address, he is pandering to the most base cravings we all have - to be known. How many times do you see people acting the fool in the background of a live news shot, or when a camera pans to the fan in the stands at a football game? This is the same thing, but it is during the State of the Union, not the Super Bowl.

I know that Trump supporters will say that he is just making the office accessible to the public, but what he is actually doing is making the United States a laughingstock around the world and showing us off as what he is, a huckster who has zero manners or realization of who and what he is - the President of the United States.

Don't kid yourself, this money grab by Trump isn't to bring you into the limelight, it's designed to make you feel a little special and enrich a man who, according to him, already has a ton of money, so you can turn around and say what a cool dude he is.

He's shameless, and so is his continued denigration of the office he holds.

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