Work can be stressful and some people take up different habits to start relieving stress. Members of the local government offices of Dona Ana County in Las Cruces, New Mexico have created a "Cat Library" inside their offices to give employees a break with a furry friend.

According to Buzzfeed, the county employees can stop by cat library to pick up a adorable kitten to spend the day with them at their desk. Tiffany Tilllison, an employee at the offices posted a photo of the Cat Library to Reddit and has caused pure jealousy among everyone who doesn't get to play with kittens all day.

The head of public relations for the Dona Ana offices came up with the idea to team up with Animal Care Center of Mesilla Valley, to bring shelter cats who are blind, have been abused, and even abandoned to the offices. This program has helped some of the cats be adopted and find their forever home. The cats are available for adoption at the offices for $50 dollars each.

I love this idea. I wish the KLAQ studio was filled with cats because how can you say no to this face?


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