Local foodies Fahrenheit 180 are trying out some new flavors as the weather heats up for their ice cream. I have noticed some local restaurants are preparing for the hotter weather with new takes on some of their signature items. Local cupcake shop Sweet Addiction has started to sell more items with refreshing fruit flavors, Ice Cream trucks are popping up more and more around the enighborhoods so you can keep the sugar going all night long and Fahrenheit 180 is trying a new soft serve ice cream flavor, Charcoal Coconut.

Fahrenheit 180 has always had some interesting flavors when it comes to their drinks and baked goods, so it is no surprise this ice cream is just another unique flavor to add to the list. This item is only going to be available TODAY (April 11) starting at 3 p.m. for the first 50 customers.

El Pasoans are so creative when it comes to food so I am glad to see another item to add to the most Instagrammble food items in our area!

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