A highlight of tonight’s audition episode of ‘American Idol’ in Charlotte, N.C. was 22-year-old Candice Glover, who sang a powerful – yet appropriately sweet – version of Duffy’s ‘Syrup and Honey.’

Some of you may recognize Glover from last year, who got cut following the 2012 ‘Idol’ group episode in Las Vegas. She was rightfully disappointed about being sent home, but she didn’t let it break her spirit or her stride. In fact, she returned this season with renewed vigor and confidence, armed with the desire to prove herself to the new panel of judges.

A church girl at heart, Glover delivered a soulful performance that brought the judges to their feet in the form of a standing ovation. “I’m obsessed with you. I wanna skin you and wear you,” came Nicki Minaj’s rather blunt and twisted compliment. “You are what people watch ‘American Idol’ to hear, to see. I’m not even worthy to critique you.” Despite the fact that she and Minaj have been butting heads lately, Mariah Carey was quick to agree. “This was the absolute best singing we have heard thus far,” she stated. “I wish you already had something out that I could listen to…I felt you.”

Needless to say, it wasn’t hard for the judges to cast their votes, as was evidenced by their resounding praise. Glover was then swept up into the arms of her friends and family members who were there to support her. “This means the world to me,” she exclaimed happily. “I’ll see you in Hollywood!”