Unlike people in other parts of the country, true El Pasoans don't need a calendar to tell us spring has arrived. Evidence that it's about to get really hot around here is everywhere.

  • Achoo! *sniff, sniff*


    Spring has sprung, and so has the pollen count. While the trees and flowers look great; your nose and eyes, not so much. One doesn't appreciate breathing out of both nostrils until it suddenly gets taken away from you.

    That, plus do you know how hard it is to find an alcohol based drink that pairs well with Benadryl? The struggle is real.

  • The Mulberry Mess


    The Mulberry tree is ubiquitous here in El Paso.

    Not only do they produce an immense amount of pollen, they produce an immense amount of mess, too. When the winds start to blow and the gusanitos fall off the tree, your yard and car hood can look like a worm graveyard.

    The Mulberry tree is the reason I silently curse my neighbor as I sweep my patio for the umpteenth time in a week.

  • Free Sand Facials


    It's not as sexy as it sounds.

    Whatever you want to call them: sandstorms, dust storms, or haboobs (hehehe, I wrote boob) you can expect an almost weekly wall of dust to roll through and cover everything in its path -- including your face -- with a layer of sand and dirt.

    There’s really no point in doing any spring cleaning. Dusting this time of the year makes about as much sense as brushing your teeth with Oreos.

  • Bare Legs Come Out of Hibernation


    Break out the shorts! But don't put away the hoodie.

    After months of covering up, our pale, Vitamin-D lacking legs emerge into the world – until it gets chilly again. Because you know how it is around here; some spring days are actually colder than anything winter throws at us.

  • That Smell


    *deep breath* Pew! Is it just me or does spring smell like dank bud wrapped in a dirty diaper up in here?

    Few things can ruin a peaceful evening more this time of the year than the pungent, gagging odor of sex-crazed skunks looking to get their swerve on.

  • Play Ball!


    The return of spring also means the beginning of the baseball season ... and the seemingly never-ending 'look-at-me-I'm-at-a-Chihuahuas-game' selfies that begin to fill our news feeds.