Back in the day, people didn't have air conditioning. I'm talking way, way back in the day, like in my grandfather's time. When he was working for a living in the 1930s, air conditioning consisted of opening the windows and turning on a table fan. So how did people keep cool back then? They knew some simple tricks that he used throughout his life when he was working and then when he was puttering around in his garden after he retired. The old ways are always the best ways:

1. Long sleeves and pants - If you are wearing cotton clothing, a long sleeved shirt and pants will keep you cool because the sun won't bake your skin. Cotton will breathe and keep you cool and comfier than shorts and a tank top because it will keep the heat of the sun from roasting you.

2. Wide brimmed hat not a ball cap - My grandfather always wore a really wide brimmed hat. It shaded not only his head but his neck and the back of his neck. As long as the sun isn't hitting your skin, you will be more comfortable.

3. Closed toed shoes and socks - If you've ever had a sunburned foot after a day outside with flip flops, you know this is good advice. It also helps cut down on mosquitoes biting you. Your feet are very attractive to mosquitoes. If you're covered up, it helps keep the little bloodsuckers from biting you.

4. Wet handkerchief around his neck - A handkerchief is helpful for moping up sweat from your face, but if it's wet it also helps keep you cool because the moisture dries and cools you as it dries.

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