We're looking forward to our 6th Annual A Chocolate Affair here at KISS FM. Chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate is what you will find on January 26 at the EPIC Railyard Center. We know how amazing this event is, so we came up with a list of people you should take with you to A Chocolate Affair:


1. Your bridesmaids - If you're getting married and you want to get together with your bridesmaids and not have to worry about anything wedding related, this is your event. The tickets are just $20 and you and your girls can indulge in delicious treats, have a glass of wine, and relax together before the big day.


2. Your employees - A Chocolate Affair is the perfect team building exercise. There is no shop talk, only chocolate, adult beverages, and a great venue. Instead of getting a crummy box of pizza and lukewarm Cokes at work, tell your employees you think they deserve a night out. Believe me, they will love you!

Brett Rabideau

3. Your wife - Fellas, the holidays are tough on your wife. Non-stop cooking and baking, shopping, arranging the calendar so everyone's family is happy - trust me, she needs a night out. Get tickets, get a babysitter, and take your wife out for a night of chocolate. #RelationshipGoals.


4. Your friends - Speaking of the holidays, maybe you and your crew didn't get the chance to spend as much time together as you would have liked. A Chocolate Affair is the perfect place to hang and have some fun with no pressure about gifts or the holidays.

Chocolate and a cool venue. It's all happening at A Chocolate Affair, so don't miss it!