What did celebrities look like at their own proms? Kind of embarrassing, actually. Not as embarrassing as old pics of us at prom, but hey, we're not rich or famous. And since we're a little bitter about that, we're gonna point and laugh at some celebrities' dance photos instead.

  • Courteney Cox

    That’s a mighty big corsage there, Miss Cox. And who told you a button-up jumper dress with a turtleneck was proper prom attire? Where’s a celebrity stylist when you need him?

    Mike Coppola, Getty Images
  • Faith Hill

    Hold on, Courteney -- it looks like Faith Hill just lapped you in the giant corsage race. Of course, you’ll be the winner by default after she’s been eaten by hers. Let's just hope it eats her date's pencil thin 'stache first.

    Christopher Polk, Getty Images
  • Jennifer Aniston

    Not to be outdone by her ‘Friends’ costar, Jennifer Aniston makes us all glad we waited a few years to copy her hairstyle. Thank goodness "The Rachel" came much later and at the hands of a professional.

    Christopher Polk, Getty Images
  • Will Farrell

    Being a tiara-wearing dude either screams "I'm gonna be a rich, successful comedian someday!" or "I'm gonna be that 40-year-old loser who still works at a gas station someday!" Fortunately for Will, it was the former.

    Jason Merritt, Getty Images
  • Christina Aguilera

    In the prom coup of the century, Christina Aguilera had a wicked threesome with the geekiest guy in school, proving she was 'Dirrty' even back then.

    Frederick M. Brown, Getty Images
  • Lady Gaga

    Speaking of pop icons, Lady Gaga is probably aghast that this photo got out, because at her prom she actually looked ... well, normal. Quelle horreur!

    Rob Kim, Getty Images
  • Taylor Lautner

    Taylor Lautner's hair was well-primed for 'Twilight' werewolf stardom even in its younger days. Prom night must have had a full moon that year.

    Michael Buckner, Getty Images
  • Lizzy Caplan

    For a girl famous for her role in 'Mean Girls,' Lizzy Caplan gave a lot of chicks at her high school good reason to mock her on prom night.

    Stephen Lovekin, Getty Images
  • Derek Jeter

    Baseball star and frequent celebrity boy-toy Derek Jeter is a tall-but-not-that-tall 6 feet 3 inches, so his date is clearly part of the Lollipop Guild.

    Michael Loccisano, Getty Images
  • Verne Troyer

    Erm, sorry about that Lollipop Guild crack, Verne. We just hope you weren't bothered by the fact that your date’s flowers were taller than you are. Did you at least have the presence of mind to sneak in under her dress so you could get in for free?

    Victor Decolongon, Getty Images
  • Meg Ryan

    Wait, this can't be Meg Ryan's prom photo. That's not Tom Hanks. WHO IS THIS IMPOSTOR.

    Slaven Vlasic, Getty Images
  • Angela Bassett

    We were going to shout “’fro contest!” but she still looks like she could kick our asses, so we’ll just say “rockin’ dress, Angie" and leave it at that.

    Jason Merritt, Getty Images
  • Katie Couric

    Her perpetual thousand-watt smile seems to have ruined the photo. And it would be nice if she'd start, you know, aging one of these days.

    Paul Marotta, Getty Images
  • Sarah Palin

    Forget the wicker-overload just a moment (it’s hard, we know) and ponder whether she shot her prom date from a helicopter after the evening was over.

    Mark Wilson, Getty Images
  • Michelle Obama

    The laws of equal time dictate the inclusion of this pic. And again with the wicker (prom photographers must get a volume discount). You’ve come a long way to become a style icon, madam First Lady. A very long way.

    Alex Wong, Getty Images