ZACH GALIFIANAKIS SPANKS JUSTIN BIEBER!: JUSTIN BIEBER proved he does have a sense of humor by sitting down for a "Between Two Ferns" mock-interview with ZACH GALIFIANAKIS -- which culminated with the Bieb getting a full-on spanking with a belt. The hilarious encounter starts out with Galifianakis telling Bieber, "It's really exciting to talk to you, especially right in the middle of your public meltdown."

From there, he goes on to probe Justin about pot smoking and that pee-in-a-bucket video, peppering him with questions like: "You've had three hairstyles. What's next for your career?" and "When you're in a recording studio, do you ever think, hey, what if I don't make something [crappy]?" The skit ends with Zach telling him he's too young to be a pothead, then he takes off his belt and beats him with it.

MAZEL TOV! KALEY CUOCO ENGAGED: Congratulations are in order to professional tennis player
Ryan Sweeting. Sweeting has reportedly taken hottie KALEY CUOCO off the market after only 3 months of dating! Word is Ryan proposed to Kaley on Wednesday. And while she hasn't officially confirmed it, Cuoco did Tweet this on the same day . . .

Engagement speculation began earlier this week, when Kaley was spotted with a huge diamond sparkler on her ring finger. (

AMANDA BYNES COULD STAY LOCKED AWAY UNTIL 2015: It might be a while before we see AMANDA BYNES again. The Gossip Cop website reports the former child star could remain in psychiatric care until 2015. Her lawyer told the judge in Amanda's bong-throwing case yesterday (Thursday) that she would not be fit to stand trial for up to 18 months.

Amanda is getting psychiatric treatment at an undisclosed facility in California. Last month, she was placed under long-term psychiatric hold and legal conservatorship.

HAS TAYLOR SWIFT LANDED ANOTHER MOVIE ROLE?: Remember all the talk earlier this month when TAYLOR SWIFT was photographed hanging out with Australian actor Brenton Thwaites at the Toronto Film Festival? Well, while we can't yet report that Taylor and Brenton are a thing, we can confirm they'll be working together. Taylor has reportedly signed on to join the cast of The Giver, according to the New York Post’s Page Six gossip section.

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As for the Taylor-Brenton hangout session ... it was all orchestrated by film mogul Harvey Weinstein. Said one source, "Harvey introduced Taylor to Brenton in Toronto because they were both going to be in the film." The pair got along so famously that they talked for hours at a Soho House Party in Toronto and shared burgers and who knows what else at 2 a.m. Aww, man, I can hear the song coming already.

WATCH – TINA FEY EXPOSES THE GIRLS AGAIN: TINA FEY, who returns to Saturday Night Live as host this weekend, did this pretty funny promo video mocking her Emmy nip-slip …

KHLOE KARDASHIAN/LAMAR ODOM MARRIAGE WATCH: The speculation about what LAMAR ODOM is doing and where he's doing it is getting EXHAUSTING. But here's the latest: Let's start with an update to yesterday's update. TMZ is taking back its story that Lamar didn't send that angry Tweet to his father. Now they're saying he not only sent it, but he called the KARDASHIANS ahead of time to tell them he was sending it.

Meanwhile … Khloe and Lamar are said to have met briefly at their home late Wednesday, but the conversation apparently didn’t go well because the following day Khloe posted a quote from "Alice in Wonderland" to Instagram, showing how lost she feels. Despite the turmoil, the ring is still on, though. (PHOTO)


As we told you yesterday ... TMZ is reporting that Lamar is holed up in a home outside L.A. smoking crack and partying with two young women, one of whom he’s “intimate” with. According to sources, Lamar’s driver has been seen shuttling back and forth from L.A. to his rental home 100 miles away for the sole purpose of scoring the baller crack.