There's a pretty good chance you've been eating spaghetti the wrong way all this time.

What's your technique, do you shovel it in with a fork then slurp up whatever strands are hanging down? Do you cut it with your fork first? Eat it with your hands like a toddler? Wrong, wrong, and wrong on so many levels.

It turns out "Life" magazine came up with the official rules back in 1942. Here is the correct and proper way to eat spaghetti:

1. Use your fork to separate out exactly four strands. Like this
2. Gently twirl them against a spoon. Like this
3. Eat the entire forkful at once, like this. Don't nibble it or take bites.

And should the need to slurp up a strand or two of noodles present itself, "Life" says feel free to do so as necessary. The more you know.