El Paso Times reporter Ramon Renteria recently posted a list of "nostalgia tidbits" a former El Pasoan sent him of ways one knows they're 'really' from El Paso. Quite frankly ‪it's pretty lame. I mean, "You're 'really' from El Paso if you remember the Farah strike"? Whaa? "You're 'really' from El Paso if you remember the construction and grand opening of the Civic Center." How old is this guy and how long ago did he leave?

I know we can do a whole lot better. Let's play Fill in the Blank and next time Ramon feels like phoning it in he can consult this list: You're 'really, really' from El Paso if _____.

Read how some of our Mike and Tricia Facebook Friends have already filled in the blank HERE, then scroll down to the "leave a comment" box below with your relevant "nostalgia tidbit".