Your electric bill is going to go up, and you’ll most likely see the increase beginning in April.

You can check all the details of who voted yes and who voted no, and why the City and EPE say this is all happening. But I did a little digging in my own electric bill and found this.

According to EPE, in the summer, if you use 625 kilowatt-hours per month in your home, you will see an average bill increase of $8.12 per month. I checked my summer electric bill and I used 937 kilowatts per month, so my bill will be higher than the proposed increase.

In the winter, if you use 625 kilowatt-hours per month, your bill will increase by about $5.47 per month. My most recent bill from January shows I used 677 kilowatts per hour, so my winter bill will be higher than the proposed increase, as well.

My home is 2,100 square feet, and only Darren and I live there, so we don’t use a tremendous amount of electricity. I think EPE should use a different, and more realistic, kilowatt per hour measuring stick to give its customers a more realistic barometer of how much their bill will actually increase.

You might want to check your own electric bill to see what kind of increase you can expect to pay beginning in April.