El Paso. To say our city is unique is an understatement. I mean, really, where else would Chico’s Tacos be considered tacos?

Recently, on Mike and Tricia Mornings, we asked our listeners to come up with the unique ways one might know they’ve been a resident of our fair city far too long.

Here’s a sample of how some of our Facebook posters completed the sentence, “You know you’ve lived in El Paso too long when …”

-You reply to someone else’s statement with "I know, huh?"
-Instead of saying “yes” you say “orale”.
-You greet everyone with “the head nod.”
-Your stomach is finally able to handle Chicos the next day.
-You start referring to El Paso as El Chuco.
-You catch yourself calling it "Airways".
-After talking to a cashier or server, and if they say "Huh?" you automatically repeat yourself in Spanish

And finally, how does Beatrice Hammond know she’s lived in El Paso too long? “Am still listening to Mike on the Kiss morning show.” Yeah, I've been here a while! 

How do YOU know you've lived in El Paso too long? To read the rest of the replies, go to both the Kiss Facebook page and the Mike and Tricia Facebook  wall.