This what a wildfire looks like kids, and we found out exactly how hard it is to put down a brush fire in the county today.  After a fire was reported last night around 9:30, it took almost 100 firefighters close to 6 hours to put down the blaze that started in some, wait for it, DRY BRUSH in a field!

Yup, the very same kind of dry brush that El Paso County Commissioners led by County Judge Veronica Escobar were trying to keep from going up in flames with fireworks.  Everyone had such a cow when the ban on fireworks was proposed, even going to so far as to mock Sheriff Richard Wiles when he was trying to explain why cramming 30 THOUSAND people into a 6 square mile area in the desert with matches and exploding things wasn't a very bright idea, no pun intended.  We got phone calls here at the station from people who said it was unpatriotic to ban fireworks and that it was ALWAYS dry in El Paso. 

Well, yes, it is always dry in the EP, but unpatriotic?  Fireworks are part of the celebration of Independance Day.  The day is not called Fireworks Day, just like Christmas Day is not called Santa Claus Day, and the fact that a little brush fire grew into something that 100 firefighters battled for almost 6 hours that started WITHOUT the benefit of 30 thousand people and their firecrackers should be evidence enough that County Judge Escobar was spot on in getting the ban. 

Yay County Commissioners!

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