People love Google Street View. They love to see if they can find their place of business, or maybe even their old school, but what happens when people begin using Google Street View for evil, and not just for laughs? Some on the World Wide Web of Burglars Can See My House On The Internets want extra security when it comes to Google Street View. Now, you can have that security, and it's just a couple of clicks away.


Google already blurs things like faces and license plates on all Street View images, but until now, they didn't blur homes. But the company says they've been hearing more and more from people who say they don't want burglars to have access to Street View images of their homes because they could use those images to find points of entry in order to break into their homes.

The good thing is, it's really easy to get your home blurred on Street View. Here's what you do, from the Google website:

How to report a concern

If you've found an image that you would like further blurred, or an image that you believe contains objectionable content, just follow these steps

1.Locate the image in Street View.
2.Click "Report a problem" in the bottom-right of the image window.
3.Complete the form and click "Submit".

That's it. We'll review your report promptly.

So if you want to keep people from peeping at your house on Google Street View, just follow the steps, and sleep easier!