Ok, just like there is a little catch in the whole "Santa Claus" thing - if you know what I mean, and if you don't, I'm not going to tell you -  there is a catch to the whole "alcohol allowed at the Chavez, Jr./Lee fight" thing.  Read on....

There has been a lot written about the fight, the cancellation of the fight, the reinstatement of the fight, and finally, the banning of alcohol at the Sun Bowl the night of the fight.  The ban is probably what is behind the slow ticket sales for the fight, but the El Paso Convention and Visitor's Bureau is coming to the rescue!

The CVB is holding a tailgate party before the fight, and yes, you can bring alcohol!  There are some restrictions that you can read about here, but basically, no glass containers, you need to bring your own booze and food, and you have to buy a ticket.

Yes, I said it, you have to buy a ticket.  There is limited space available, and the fee is $20 (plus fees) - their words, not mine.  Ok, it's not ideal, but it is close to the venue, and at this late date, it is your best bet for having a beer and walking to the Sun Bowl for the fight.

Of course, you can also hang out at any of the fabulous restaurants up and down Mesa and have a bite to eat and an adult beverage before the fight, but just go to the fight.  We complain and complain and complain as a city that "we never get to get anything good here in El Paso" - well here is something good, and we're begging people to buy a ticket!

People who book concerts, fights, sports tournaments, etc., don't bring events to cities without big advance ticket sales.  Period.  It's like trying to bake a wedding cake without knowing how many people are going to show up - you can't do it!  And promoters won't bring events here without advance ticket sales, either!

So, is it perfect?  No.  Will it be fun?  It will be if you go!  Now, hope online through the CVB link above, or call the UTEP Ticket Office and grab a seat for the Fight At the Sun Bowl!