I'm a huge Texas Rangers fan, so imagine my delight in watching a Yankee pitcher who had been accused just a week ago of using pine tar on the mound, get tossed out of last night's game for getting caught red-handed, or rather, red-necked, for using the stuff!

It was just 13 days ago that Yankees pitcher Michael Pineda shut Boston for six innings in a 4-win at Yankee Stadium. Cameras caught what looked like either a glob of pine tar, or dirt, as Pineda said it was, on Pineda’s right hand. Boston pitcher Clay Buchholz was accused last year of using pine tar, so they didn't say anything about Pineda a couple of weeks ago.

Fast forward to last night when, after two innings, Boston manager John Farrell asked the umpire to check Pineda for pine tar. The ump looked at his glove, looked Pineda up and down, then ran his fingers over a brownish substance on the right side of Pineda's neck. What happened then is a classic 'you're outta here' moment!