Most guys think that their women take too long getting ready.  We know that we go just about as fast as we can, but there's lots to take care of - washing and conditioning hair, shaving, ahem, "landscaping", pumice stoning our feet so our heels don't look like the rocks at Hueco Tanks, and that's just in the shower!  One brave girl decided to turn her face over to her hubby so he could see how tough just makeup is.  Did I say brave?  I meant crazy...

Christopher is the guy who thinks makeup application should be quicker, and Rosie, who was his girlfriend at the time of this video (I can't believe they got married after this!), is the lunatic who let him go at her face with makeup.

I don't know about you, but I would no more let Darren take a crack at doing my makeup than let him take a crack at frying chicken!  He probably would roll his eyes if I tried to be a sports girl!  There are just some things that need to be separate, and in Christopher and Rosie's case, makeup is definitely one of those things!

Would you let your man do your face?

And just because I love all things 80's, here is the awesome 80's diva, Donna Mills, showing us girls how to get the perfect eye so we don't end up looking like Rosie!