The food stamp program New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez is strong on implementing has been pushed back from some revisions.

New Mexico is pushing back the dates for low-income adults who will have to meet work requirements and some job training to remain eligible for their food stamps. New Mexico State Human Services department has decided to delay the requirements and make some adjustments in response to concerns that were voiced during recent public meetings.

Social service representatives have brought up issues within the requirements that would cause some people to lose their benefits and it would leave them unfit to support their families. And it all boils down to the fact that there are simply not enough jobs for people or training opportunities in a state that is so poor.

The final rules will be decided at the end of the week and the delay in the rules will give the 60,000 recipients who will be affected more time to prepare. The newly designed requirements will be phased in starting in January for adults without children and in October of next year for those with children under the age of 13.