All women do weird things when it comes to grooming and maintenance. The struggle is so real, shaving/waxing on a daily basis sucks and unless you've had laser hair removal you can relate. Here are 5 areas you didn't know women took care of, and if you're a woman don't feel alone.

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    Waxing your Forehead

    Waxing your forehead may sound weird but I bet you didn't know that this is something even Kim Kardashian has done. Hairlines vary from person to person and sometimes we need a little help getting it where it needs to be.

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    Waxing your Stomach

    This is something men usually call a "happy trail" however on women I call this, the trail of tears. Having peach fuzz on your navel can be embarrassing especially if you haven't had time to wax and it's bikini season.

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    Shaving your Arms

    Some women chose to do this and other are perfectly content with going "Au natural." Personally, I've made the choice to wax my arms because the unsightly black hair that grows on my arms repulses me . Whatever way you choose to wear your hair, wear it proud.

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    Shaving your Toes

    I'm not say that Rapunzel hair grows on our toes. It's just a few little tiny strays that are noticeable enough to ruin your pedicure.

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    Nose Hair Trimming

    Trimming your nose hairs isn't just for your grandparents anymore. The idea of your lady trimming her nose hairs shouldn't gross you out, having them make an appearance at dinner because she doesn't probably would.