Sex and religion hardly ever mix, and for one unlucky girl, it turned into a coital catastrophe.

An anonymous blogger says her hooha horror began during a certain month-long religious holiday that made drinking and partying off limits to her man. It also mean definitely no sex during the fasting period. But our girl decided to thumb her nose at God and entice her guy into a little sexy time. He decided God was just going to have to get over it, and things got rolling.

While she was going for a ride, her fella slipped out. When she, um, sat back down, something went terribly wrong. The angle of, ahem, re-entry, was all wrong, and almost immediately there was blood everywhere.

For some reason, instead of going to get medical attention right away, our blogger waited 4 hours to get a friend to drive her to the ER. Between dealing with her friend who was on the verge of passing out because of all the blood, and the doctor's questions as to whether a "large toy" was involved, our girl finally got fixed up.

With 36 stitches.

To the inner wall of her woohoo.

So what happened to the guy who caused all this mayhem? Our girl is still with him. His bruised naughty bits healed, her sugar walls are all patched up, and ever since their mishap, they make sure they are very, very careful when they go for a ride.