Janelle Ambrosia probably didn't realize how popular the video would become when she yelled at a black man who filmed her racist rant in a Dollar General parking lot. Let us warn you, it's REALLY not safe for work. 

Ambrosia, seen yelling the n-word several times directly in the face of the man, claims he scared her kid by starting his car. She then says her attorney and her husband are on their way to the store to address the situation while her kids also spew vile, racist words at the man. Like a true nut-job, she praises them. Like an even bigger nut-job, she says the cops will have her back because she strips for them so often. Really.

Since the video was posted, a storm of hatred has rained down upon Ambrosia. From internet hackers releasing her information (sorry, we're not going to post it), to thousands of tweets, Ambrosia seems to be taking it all in stride, sticking to her believes as she tweeted the following from her Twitter page.

If this idiot gets her own reality show on MTV, I will lose my faith in humanity.