Does being beautiful keep you from keeping, then finding work? It does if you're 32-year-old Laura Fernee. This British beauty says she's too pretty to find work because men want to do her and woman want to be her.

According to London’s Daily Mail, Fernee claims her looks have ruined her career and she can no longer put her PhD to use as a scientific researcher because “her slim figure and pretty face attracted unwanted attention from her male colleagues.” She states that “even when I scrubs with no makeup, they still [hit] on me because of my natural attractiveness." She adds that her female co-workers weren't any better. They were so jealous of how pretty she is they ostracized her and made her work days miserable.


So what do you think, is she too pretty to work, yes or no? Check out some more photos of Laura HERE, and HERE then you tell me what you think.