Winton Homes

"Although Winton Group is a growing company we have not lost the focus on customer satisfaction, that brought us our success. Our friendly employees are always eager to help you understand and enjoy the building process."

Energy Efficiency Tip: With 350 days of sun every year, it is important to design and orient homes to take advantage of El Paso’s bountiful sunrays. A well-oriented home lets in the winter sun in south-facing windows to reduce heating bills and blocks the heat from summer sun to reduce cooling bills. Winton Homes in one of the top solar builders and has happy customers with small bills to prove it!

Energy Efficiency Tip: Heating water is a great use of solar power. Swimming pools and hot tubs can use solar power to cut pool heating costs. Solar pool heating systems are cost competitive with conventional systems and have very low operating costs. It's actually the most cost-effective use of solar energy.

Green Construction Tip: When building a home with green construction, make sure that the materials used are environmentally-friendly wherever possible. This includes the use of low VOC paints inside and out, as well as in the epoxies and sealants used in your home’s interior. As for insulation, use bio-based, non-toxic foam in the exterior walls and ceilings to help to prevent heat loss and maintain comfortable indoor temperatures without contributing toxins to the atmosphere.

In-House Drafting Tip: Every family has different needs for housing. When building a house meet your current needs as well as future needs. Consider the number of children and pets when designing your bedroom layout and yard design. Also anticipate cars, boats and other grown up toy acquisitions when planning garage and driveway layouts. This way your home is accommodating as your life grows.

Versatile Builds to Fit Your Budget Tip: Buying a home is possibly the biggest purchase of your life, and you deserve to have that purchase fit both your needs and wants as closely as possible. Your list should include basic desires, like neighborhood and size, all the way down to smaller details like bathroom layout and kitchen appliances that fit your lifestyle. At Winton Homes every home is tailored to your budget.