IN DENIAL - WILL SMITH IS NOT HAVING AN AFFAIR: WILL SMITH is cheating with his Focus co-star Margot Robbie -- according to Star magazine. As proof, the tabloid published a set of “sexy” photo booth pictures. One showing the two goofing around and pulling up their shirts, and another of Will “[pulling Margot] towards him from behind, their face pressed close together side-by-side.” An “eyewitness” allegedly told Star, “[Will] wasn’t acting like a married man; he gave no signs that he was in a committed relationship.”

As scandalous and salacious as that sounds, a source tells Entertainment Tonight the "rumors are ridiculous." And a rep for Will's wife Jada Pinkett-Smith concurs, adding, "It's all false." Other sources have described the circumstances behind the photos as totally innocent. "The photo booth was on set all day for a bit of fun,” the Star quotes an on-set insider as saying. “It was the last day of shooting. Will and Margot are absolutely just friends, that is all."

LADY GAGA TO SING IN SPACE?! LAUNCH FROM NEW MEXICO?!: Is LADY GAGA going to be the first artist to sing in outer space? And will she be doing it after launching from Spaceport America up the road in New Mexico? Us Weekly says she is. Gaga herself is being coy. Get all the out of this world details HERE.

JUSTIN BIEBER HIJINX: JUSTIN BIEBER sure had him some fun in Rio. Last Friday night, he supposedly went to a, *ahem*, house of ill-repute. Now a video has surfaced on YouTube that purports to show a Brazilian prostitute filming The Bieb while he was sleeping. The 15 second cell phone video, titled "Brazilian Prostitute Films Justin Bieber Sleeping!- Justin Has Sex With Prostitute", starts off showing a snoozing Bieber, then the phone is turned around and the young lady films herself blowing him a kiss and leaving.

London's Daily Mail reached out to Justin's representatives but they "declined to comment." However, the Mail did manage to find a so-called insider to comment on the circumstance behind the vid: "Justin was asleep in his villa when the video was taken. There were a bunch of guys and a bunch of women hanging out, not prostitutes. He fell asleep and someone walked in and took a picture."

Word on the World Wide Web of Celebrity Stalkers is the video was taken by a Brazilian woman identified as Tati Neves. She's said to be one of the 30 or so people who followed Bieb and his peeps back to his rented mansion for an after-party. Here are a couple of photos of Tati lifted from her Facebook page.


Meanwhile ... Police in Brazil want to talk to Justin about some tagging he did in Rio the other day. Justin supposedly sprayed graffiti on the wall of a hotel then posted a picture online of himself standing next to his handiwork. Tagging is a crime in Rio that comes with a penalty of up to a year in prison. Cops went dropped by his rented mention to talk to him about it but he had already left the country. His next show is in Paraguay, and he flew there yesterday.

DRAMATIC TRANSFORMATIONS - RIHANNA: Check out all of RIHANNA'S looks over the years in this dramatic transformation (GIF)

TODAY IN CELEBRITY HAIR - JENNIFER LAWRENCE GOES SHORT: One day after JENNIFER ANISTON stepped out rockin' hair about six inches shorter, JENNIFER LAWRENCE hit up Facebook with a photo of herself with a goofy grin and a pretty severe haircut. The new 'do, described in People magazine's Style Watch section as an "asymmetrical cut with sweeping bangs parted to one side, and a much shorter, spikier chop in back", sort of reminds me of the look Kate Gosselin had back-in-the-day when her TLC show first debuted. There's been no comment about from Lawrence or her people on what inspired the major hair change.


CHARLIE SHEEN-ANIGANS - JUDGE THREATENS JAIL TIME: CHARLIE SHEEN'S big mouth could land him in jail. A judge threatened to throw him behind bars yesterday if he doesn't stop talking about the custody battle involving his twin sons. Word is the judge, whom Charlie referred to as a "fatty" and a d-bag on TMZ Live, is considering whether to penalize Sheen for violating the gag order. As this time no penalties have been handed down, though.

COULD BE TRUE, COULD BE CRAP - KIMYE'S WEDDING TO INCLUDE 12 DOGS: The rarely-reliable OK! Magazine claims that when KIM KARDASHIAN and KANYE WEST make The Big Mistake, Kanye will be accompanied down the aisle by 12 dogs. They cite and unnamed source who claims Kanye has hired a top dog trainer to, quote, "train 12 Pekingese 'angels' to precede Kanye down the aisle." The tabloid also reports the wedding will be a $5 million, "two-week-long celebration" in Italy.