Consolidate Irvin and Andress High Schools, turn Franklin into a 9th grade center computer science entrepreneurial academy, rebuild and repurpose Burges High School into an early college campus, and makeover Jefferson High School in coordination with nearby Texas Tech and other medical facilities.
Those are just some of the possibilities on the table for the El Paso Independent School District.


About 300 people went to Bowie Monday night to hear district officials talk about how they plan on handling aging buildings and declining student numbers.
There was a lot of concern about the proposal to consolidate Andress and Irvin, but the principal of Andress said consolidating the two schools would give Northeast kids the kinds of programs available to Coronado and Franklin high schools.

There was also talk about consolidating and closing several elementary and middle schools throughout the district.

Some decisions about the district’s campuses will be made in December by EPISD’s Board of Managers. The Board wants to hear from you about the direction EPISD will take in the future. Go to to complete a community dialogue survey and weigh in with your suggestions.